Ready to Whine

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Huangswhinings. I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you’ve just stumbled onto this site by accident or you’re here to watch someone new crash and burn, I promise you will not be disappointed. I’ve spent the last 30 years creating beautiful smiles as a dentist and an orthodontist. Now in semi-retirement, I’m finally ready to take my fingers out of your mouth (ooh, that didn’t sound quite right) and use them to pursue my love of writing. I confess,  I’ve never been really good at just reporting facts and figures. My intent will always be to convey real-life experiences directly to whoever is interested. I want to to take you with me–whether traveling across the country or abroad, discussing politics and religion, or simply covering local sporting events–to see the world as I’m seeing it and to feel the thoughts, emotions, joys, and hurts of real people living real lives. I guarantee we’ll have plenty of laughs along the way, maybe even shed a tear now and then, and I’ll certainly do my share of whining. But my hope and prayer is that through it all, we’re all somehow enriched, encouraged, and energized by our interaction together. Enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Ready to Whine

  1. Dr Huang has clearly and concisely articulated that which both elates and deflates the BBN: our pure love of basketball. Days following a Wildcat loss during March Madness are a blue mist of confusion. Thanks Dr Huang for taking us on your adventure. It gives us an inside look. And a nice little “sports nook”.


  2. I love reading Dr. Huang’s perspective on living through the NCAA tournament as a member of the BBN. At times I think I can literally feel what he is describing, and then I remember that I did (and still do) feel many of those emotions myself because I lived those same moments (albeit, from a bar top table in a crowded Campus Pub over beer pitchers and cheesy tots). Bravo John. I’d say you have found your calling, but you are also one heck of an orthodontist!


    1. Thanks Lucy! Aw Shucks! I hope to continue writing from the perspective of a real life-long, die-hard (but average Joe) fan. Keep the comments coming.


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